Meiji Charter Oath (Five Articles of the Meiji Restoration, Gokajo no seimon), 1868


l         Deliberate assemblies shall be widely established and all matters decided by public discussion.

l         All classes, high and low, shall unite in vigorously carrying out the administration of affairs of state.

l         The common people, no less than the civil and military officials, shall each be allowed to pursue his own calling so that there may be no discontent.

l         Evil customs of the past shall be broken off and everything based on the just laws of nature.

l         Knowledge shall be sought throughout the world so as to strengthen the foundations of imperial rule.



一、(ひろ)会議(かいぎ)(おこ)シ 万機(ばんき)公論(こうろん)(けっ)スヘシ


二、上下心(しょうかこころ)(いつ)ニシテ (さかん)経綸(けいりん)(おこな)フヘシ


三、(かん)()一途(いっと)庶民(しょみん)(いた)(まで) (おのおの)(その)(こころざし)()ケ 人心(じんしん)ヲシテ()マサラシメンコトヲ(よう)