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Japanese Colonial Administration in Taiwan, Sakhalin, Korea, Liaotung

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Historical Documents
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Documents relating to Pan-Asianism in Modern Japanese History and other pan-movements
Tarui Tokichi's "Union of the Great East" (Daito-Gappo-ron) (or here)
"Forget Asia" (Fukuzawa Yukichi, 1885)
Program of the Pan-German League (1890)
Okakura Tenshin "Ideals of the East" (english original and japan. translation)
Dojinshu Domei (Alliance of Peoples of the Same Race) (Konoe Atsumaro, 1898)
Sources relating to the history of the Amur Society (Kokuryukai)
"New Asianism" (Ukita Kazutami, 1918)
A Repudiation of the American-English-centered Pacifism (Konoe Fumimaro, 1919)
Sun Yat-Sen's Speech on "Greater Asianism" (Dai-Ajiashugi enzetsu, 1924)
30 Years History of the Amur Society (Kokuryukai 30nen jireki) - 7MB PDF!
Greater Asianism (Dai Ajiahsugi, Matsui Iwane, 1938)
Greater East Asian Proclamation (1943)

Meiji Period
Treaty of Kanagawa between Japan and the US (1854)
Treaty between Japan and Prussia (1861)
Treaty between Japan and the North German League (1869)
Meiji Charter Oath (Five Articles of the Meiji Restoration, 1868)
Emperor Meiji's letter to President Grant on Iwakura Mission (1871)
Okubo Toshimichi's Plea against an expedition to Korea (1873)
The Constitution of the Japanese Empire (1889)
...English and Japanese texts
Imperial Rescript on Education (1890)
Treaty of Shimonoseki (1895)
Komura-Weber-Memorandum (1896) concerning Korea
German Emperor William II's "Hun Speech" (1900)
...Inofficial version of the "Hun Speech"
...English translations of both versions
Anglo-Japanese Alliance, 1902/1905
Documents relating to the history of the Russo-Japanese War 1904/05
Treaty of Portsmouth (1905) see also http://portsmouthpeacetreaty.com/
Treaty of Annexation of Korea by Japan (1910)

Taisho Period
Japanese Declaration of War against Germany (1914)
Japan's "21 Demands to China" (1915)
Woodrow Wilson's 14 Points (1918)
Peace Treaty of Versailles (1919)
"America's Siberian Adventure" (Gen. William Graves)
Memorandum "On Total Mobilization" (Kokka Sodoin ni tsuite, Nagta Tetsuzan, only Japanese) (1920)
Kita Ikki's "Plan for the Reconstruction of Japan" (1921) (only Japanese)
Nine Powers Treaty of Washington (1922)
Four Powers Treaty of Washington (1922)

Early Showa
Koa no Taigyo (Matsuoka Yosuke) (1933)
Kokutai no Hongi (1938)
Dreimaechtepakt (Tripartite Pact, Sangoku Domei - Germany, Japan, Italy) (1940)
Tripartite Pact in Japanese 日独伊三国同盟 
Further Documents on Japan, Germany and Italy in World War II
Declaration of War (Kaisen Sengen) (1941)
Greater East Asian Proclamation (1943)
Instrument of Surrender (2 September 1945)

The Birth of the Constitution
The Constitution of Japan (1946)
Imperial Rescript of 1 January 1946 (Ningen Sengen) (1946)
San Francisco Peace Treaty (1951)

For further documents on postwar history, English and Japanese
University of Tokyo, The Institute of Oriental Culture
Basic Documents of Postwar International Politics

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