Prime Minister in 1937
Cabinet list Hayashi Senjuro cabinet
Tenure as Prime Minster: 123 days.
Born in Ishikawa prefecture

Hayashi graduated from the Military Academy and Military Staff College. Thereafter, he served as head of the Army War College and commander of the Imperial Guard Division (Konoe Shidan). In 1928, he was sent to command the Japanese army stationed in Korea. During the Manchurian Incident (1931), he dispatched his troops to support the Japanese Guandong (Kwantung) Army without authorization from the government or central army authorities and contributed to the Japanese encroachment upon China that eventually culminated in World War II. Hayashi was promoted to full general in 1932.
Hayashi then was appointed army minister in the Saito Makoto cabinet in 1934. As army minister in the Okada Keisuke cabinet in 1935, he dismissed general Mazaki Jinzaburo, who was popular with younger officers. His action aggravated the rivalry between the Kodoha and Toseiha factions in the army and contributed to the February 26th Incident, an attempted coup d'騁at by Kodoha officers sympathetic to Mazaki.
After the attempt was quashed, Hayashi retired from military service. In 1937 he became prime minister, formed a cabinet without party representation, and dissolved the Diet. The two major parties, the Rikken Seiyukai and the Rikken Minseito, won in the April 1937 election, and Hayashi was forced to resign.

Hayashi Senjuro, 1876-1943