Prime Minister from 1922-1923
Tenure as Prime Minster: 440 days.
Born in Hiroshima

Born in the Aki domain (now Hiroshima Prefecture), Kato graduated from the Imperial Naval Academy. During the Russo-Japanese War (1904?05) he participated in the Battle of Tsushima as chief of staff under Admiral Togo Heihachiro.
AHe was named navy minister in the second Okuma cabinet. He remained in that post for three succeeding cabinets. In 1921 Kato headed Japan's delegation to the Washington Conference and there signed the Naval Limitation Treaty of 1922. Named prime minister in 1922, he formed a cabinet mainly of bureaucrats and members of the House of Peers.
He implemented the Washington naval treaty and also saw to the withdrawal of Japanese troops stationed on the Shantung Peninsula as well as to the withdrawal of troops from Siberia (Siberian Intervention). Kato died in office in August 1923.

Kato Tomosaburo, 1861-1923