Prime Minister from January to June 1924
Cabinet list Kiyoura Keigo cabinet
Tenure as Prime Minster: 157 days.
Born in Kumamoto

Kiyoura joined the justice ministry in 1876 and helped draft the Peace Preservation Law of 1887. A protege of Yamagata Aritomo, he held numerous cabinet posts. In 1922 he became president of the Privy Council as a successor of Yamagata.
In January 1924 Kiyoura formed a cabinet, but he was attacked by several political parties (Second Movement to Protect Constitutional Government) and soon forced to resign. His cabinet was succeeded by the "Cabinet of the Three Parties of Constitutionialism" (Goken sanpa naikaku 護憲三派内閣) of Kato Takaaki.

Kiyoura Keigo, 1850-1942