Prime Minister from 1934-1936
Cabinet list Okada Keisuke cabinet
Tenure as Prime Minster: 611 days.
Born in Fukui

After graduating from the Naval Academy and the Naval War College, Okada served in the Sino-Japanese (189495) and the Russo-Japanese (190405) wars and was promoted to admiral in 1924. In 1927 he became navy minister.
As a military councillor (gunji sangikan), he worked for the ratification of the disarmament treaty resulting from the London Naval Conference of 1930, and in July 1934 he was named prime minister. During his ministry, Minobe Tatsukichi, a professor at Tokyo University, advocated a controversial theory interpreting the position of the emperor as an 登rgan of the state. Right-wing extremists in the military who asserted the doctrine of the emperor's divinity - held the prime minister responsible for Minobe's theory and censured Okada.
Okada narrowly escaped death at the hands of extremist military officers in the February 26th Incident (1936). However, his entire cabinet resigned on 27 February when it mistakenly assumed that he had been killed. Okada himself resigned on February 28th. Okada then served as a senior statesman (jushin) until the end of World War II. When Japan was nearing defeat, he supported efforts to end the war by seeking to overthrow the Tojo government and to make peace overtures to the Allies.

Okada Keisuke, 1868-1952