Army general and field marshal who served as army minister, chief of the Army General Staff Office, and inspector general of military education. Born in Hyuga Province (now Miyazaki Prefecture), he graduated from the Army Academy in 1879 and studied in France (1881?85).

Named army minister in April 1912, he resigned when his demand for an increase of two army divisions was rejected by the Saionji Kimmochi cabinet. The cabinet in turn was forced to step down when the army refused to nominate a replacement for Uehara.

Uehara in 1915 became Chief of General Staff and remained in this post longer than any other Japanese military before and after (with the exception from a member of the Imperial House), namely for more than seven years.

In 1918, together with the vice chief of General Staff, Tanaka Giichi, and another staff officer, Ugaki Issei, he authorized the Siberian Intervention, a large-scale military engagement in the Russian civil war with the objective of a colonization (or semi-colonization) of Siberia.

Uehara Yusaku, 1856-1933