JP-GER Relations

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日独関係史における相互認識: 想像、イメージ、ステレオタイプ
Mutual Perceptions in Japanese-German Relations: Images, Imaginings, and Stereotypes

平成20年度~22年度  科学研究費補助金 基盤研究(B)   課題番号 20320116 研究代表者 Sven SAALER (上智大学 国際教養学部 准教授) 
Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS) Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research, Research Project no. 20320116 (2008-2011) Organizer: Sven SAALER (Jôchi University, Faculty of Liberal Arts, Associate Professor)

Project outline

This research project aims at exploring the development of mutual perceptions in Japanese-German relations and analyzing the influence of the visual imagery through which these perceptions are expressed on the bilateral relationship between the two countries. Japanese-German relations had their beginnings in the Prussian mission to Japan in 1860/61 and will soon be able to look back on a history spanning 150 years. The history of the relationship between these two major countries has been receiving increasing attention in academic research as well as in the public arena, with new interpretations and assessments emerging. However, previous research has focused strongly on diplomatic and economic relations between Japan and Germany. This project proposes studying the relationship from the perspective of “mutual images” – analyzing Japanese-German relations from the angle of mutual perceptions, with emphasis on the investigation of visual sources.


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