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Nationalism and History in Contemporary Japan. In: The Asia-Pacific Journal/Japan Focus, 15 October 2016 (Volume 14, Issue 20, Number 8).
The Kokuryukai (Black Dragon Society) and the Rise of Nationalism, Pan-Asianism, and Militarism in Japan, 1901-1925. In: International Journal of Asian Studies 11/2, 2014, pp. 125-160
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Full text (PDF)
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岐路に立つ日本外交。第一次世界大戦における「人種闘争論」と「獨逸東漸論」 (Japanese Foreign Policy at a Crossroads: Discourse on ‘Racial Conflict’ and ‘The German Advance to the East’, 1917-1921). In: Kan-Nihonkai Kenkyu 8 (2002), pp. 1-20.

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東アジアと欧州における「戦後70年」(“70 Years After the War” in East Asia and Europe). In: 『季刊 戦争責任研究』Kikan Sensô Sekinin Kenkyû (Research on War Responsibility), no. 89 (December 2016).

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在日ドイツ人の日本観――日本文化、神道と天皇のイメージに関する言説を中心に―― (The Japan image of Germans Living in Japan During the Meiji Period. The Image of Japanese Culture, Shinto and the Tennō). In: Kamizono – Journal of the Meiji Jingu Research Institute, No. 3 (2010), pp. 41-72.

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ドイツにおける「終戦」「敗戦」「解放」の記憶 (The Historical Memory of the “End of War“, “War Defeat” and “Liberation” in Germany and Japan). In: Yôroppa Kenkyû/European Studies no. 7 (2008), pp. 5–28.


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Ein Ersatz fur den Yasukuni-Schrein? Die Diskussion um eine neue Gedenkstatte fur Japans Kriegsopfer (A Substitute for the Yasukuni Shrine? (The Recent Discussion About a New Memorial to Commemorate Japan’s War Dead). In: Nachrichten der Gesellschaft fur Natur- und Volkerkunde Ostasiens (NOAG), vol. 175/176 (2004), pp. 59-91.

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日本の大陸進出とシベリア出兵 . 帝国主義拡張の「間接支配構想」をめぐって. (Japan’s Expansion on the Asian Continent and the Siberian Intervention: ‘Informal Empire’ in the Japanese Imperialism). In: Kanazawa Daigaku Keizaigakubu Ronshu (Kanazawa University, Faculty of Economics, Economic Review) vol. 19, No. 1 (12/1998), pp. 259-290.




(together with Terawaki Ken) 寺脇研、サーラ・スヴェン: 戦勝国が描くナチス時代のドイツ。歴史的事実とフィクションの境界 (Nazi Germany in Movies of the Victor Countries. The Borderline between historical fact and fiction).  In: Eiga Geijutsu 429 (Summer 2009), pp. 66-70.
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1880年~1920年代の「亜細亜主義」の形成:小寺健吉を中心に (The Development of Asianism, 1880-1920 with special consideration of Kodera Kenkichi). In: Ôpun Risâchi Sentâ Nenpô (Aichi Daigaku Tôa Dôbun Shoin Daigaku Kinen Sentâ) 3/2009, pp. 283–98.


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Siberian Intervention
Amau Doctrine
Ōyama Iwao (1842–1916)
Saigō Tsugumichi (1843–1901)
Tôyama Mitsuru (1855–1944)
Yamamoto Gonnohyōe (1852–1933)

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Tanaka Giichi
Japan-German Relations

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World Military Leaders
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Yakushiji Katsuyuki: Koizumi and the LDP March to Constitutional Revision. Japan Focus,

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