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Commentary on Japan and its position in the world for (formerly “Japan Echo”) (since 2012)
“” website (

Commentary on the political and social situation in Japan written for the German Social Democratic Party, SPD (since 2011)
Webseite of the Social Democratic Party of Germany, SPD ( (insert “Saaler” and click “suchen”)

Short papers on Japanese politics and society, written for the German Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung, FES (since 2009)
FES website ( (insert “Saaler” and click “suchen”)

Japan’s and Germany’s Postwar and Post Cold War: The Issue of Being Trusted
In: “Magazine 9″ (

Japan, Germany and “September 11″. In: DIJ Newsletter. Information from the German Institute for Japanese Studies 20 (October 2003), pp. 1-2.

Burgerinitiativen gegen Geschichtsrevisionismus. Neue Entwicklungen im japanischen Schulbuchstreit (Grassroots Initiative against Historical Revisionism). In: DIJ Newsletter. Information from the German Institute for Japanese Studies 15 (February 2002), pp. 1-2.

Von Hunden und Walen – Fernoestliche Delikatessen und die Fussball-WM (Of Dogs and Whales: Far Eastern Delicatessen and the FIFA Soccer World Cup Korea/Japan 2002) . In: OAG Notizen, 06/02, pp. 8-17.




Introduction of the book “Under Eagle Eyes” in German radio station SWR2 → radio program / text

Interview on the publication of “Karl von Eisendecher im Japan der Meiji-Zeit
Daily Asahi Shinbun, October 2007

For further reviews and introductions of the book in newspapers see the “Books” section.

Interview on the exhibition “European Views of the Russo-Japanese War
Daily Asahi Shinbun, November 2005

Newsweek, 31 October 2005

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Frequent Interviews with Reuters

Interview with Reuters on the revision of the Basic Law of Education
Interview with Reuters on the movie Yamato
Interview with Reuters on the Nanjing Massacre
Interview with Reuters on the history textbook problem

TV appearance, NHK Educational, 18 October 2005
Program “Shiten Ronten”
The Political Situation in Germany after the Elections

TV appearance, NHK Educational, 7 December 2004
Program “Shiten Ronten”
Japan and Germany Approaching the 60th Anniversary of the End of the War

Interview on Yasukuni Shrine and historical memory
Monthly Journal Sekai, 9/2004

TV appearance NHK Educational, 17 May 2004
Program “Shiten Ronten”
Regional Integration in Europe and Asia

The New York Times, 4 October 2002
Alternative Link
Russian translation

Interview on Yasukuni Shrine and historical memory:
Shinbun Akahata, 23 April 2003

Articles on the Japanese telecommunications industry

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