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Karl von Eisendecher: The Japan Images of a German Sailor and Diplomat
Japan Association of International Relations, Annual Convention
Nagoya, 21 October 2012
Click here for the presentation

ドイツのエネルギー政策 〜脱原発、再生可能エネルギーと経済成長〜
(German energy policy: Phase-out of nuclear power, renewable energies and economic growth)
市民のための環境公開講座 (損保ジャパン環境財団 / Sonpo Japan Environment Foundation)
Tokyo, 25 September 2012

Fukushima Yasumasa’s travels in central Asia and Siberia: Silk Road romanticism, military reconnaissance, or modern exploration?
International Symposium: Japan on the Silk Road. Encounters and Perspectives of Politics and Culture in Eurasia.
Boğaziçi University (Istanbul, Turkey), 15-16 June 2012.
Istanbul conference poster



ドイツと日本における陸戦・海戦の記憶(Historical Memory of Naval Warfare in Japan and Germany)
国際シンポジウム「海戦と東亜世界」(Naval Warfare and the East Asian World)
Academia Sinica (Taipeh/Taiwan), 23-24 September 2011.

Panel Organizer and Chair: “Rehabilitating the East Asian Community: Recent Historiography on Pan-Asianism
13th international conference of the European Association for Japanese Studies (EAJS)
Tallinn / Estonia, 24-27 August 2011.

Participant in Panel Discussion “Historical Reconciliation and East Asian Regional Cooperation
6th Jeju Forum for Peace and Prosperity
Jeju / South Korea, 27-29 May 2011.

Book talk: Pan-Asianism: A Documentary History
Temple University, Japan Campus, Institute of Contemporary Asian Studies (ICAS)
Tokyo, 20 May 2011.

150年前のプロシア・ドイツ使節団が観た日本 (Japan Seen Through the Eyes of Members of the German Diplomatic Mission to Japan 150 Years Ago)
Lecture on the Occasion of the Exhibition “プロイセン-ドイツが観た幕末日本-1860・61年のオイレンブルグ遠征団が残した版画、素描、写真”
奈良県立図書情報館、Nara Prefectural Library, 24 April 2011
Nara Prefectural Library Homepage

Panel Organizer and Chair: Session 522: Rehabilitating the East Asian Community: Recent Historiography on Pan-Asianism
Joint Conference Association of Asian Studies / International Convention of Asia Scholars
Honolulu Convention Center, 31 March-3 April 2011.




植民地統治と個人崇拝:日本とドイツの植民地における銅像(Colonial Rule and Personality Cult. Bronze Statuary in Japanese and German Colonies)
国際シンポジウム「東アジアにおける日本と台湾:日本研究の新視点を求めて」(Japan and Taiwan in East Asia: Looking for New Perspectives in Japanese Studies)
Academia Sinica (Taipeh/Taiwan), 16-17 October 2010.

植民地統治と個人崇拝:日本とドイツの植民地における銅像(Colonial Rule and Personality Cult. Bronze Statuary in Japanese and German Colonies)
国際シンポジウム「東アジアにおける知的体系の再構築。日本と中国の視座」(The Construction of Knowledge Systems in East Asia. Perspectives on Japan and China)
Nanjing University, 23-25 September 2010.



Colonial and Post-Colonial Memories: Statues for the Founders of the Japanese Colonial Empire before and after 1945
(also organizer and chair of panel “Personality Cult in Modern East Asia – Common Features of a Dividing Legacy”)
ICAS (International Convention of Asia Scholars 2009
Daejong (Korea), 6-9 August 2009
Program of the conference (3MB PDF) (including panel and presentation abstract)

Panel Chair: Pan-Asianism – A Documentary History of an Ideology
ASCJ (Asian Studies Conference Japan) 2009
Tokyo, 30 June 2009

ドイツ人の日本観―明治・大正期、在日ドイツ人研究者の著書から (The Japan image of German scholars in Meiji-Taisho Japan)
Meiji Shrine International Shinto Research Center
Tokyo, 18 April 2009

西洋人の日本観―OAGドイツ東洋文化研究協会の業績 展覧会記念講演 (Der europäische Blick auf Japan. Vortrag zur Eröffnung der Ausstellung “Geschichte der OAG und das Japanbild in OAG-Publikationen”)
奈良県立図書情報館、Nara Prefectural Library (HP)
Nara, 22 March 2009

Click poster to enlarge (3MB PDF)!
Extended version of the lecture published as an online publication of the OAG.



日本におけるアジア主義の系譜 (The Development of Asianism in Modern Japan)

Toa Dobun Shoin Daigaku Kinen Sentaa (Lectures of the Center for the Study of the East Asian Common Culture Academy)
Toyohashi, 29 November 2008

Japanisch-Deutscher Wissenschaftsaustausch, 1910-1940 (Japanese-German Scientific Exchange 1910-1940)
Wissenschaft zwischen den Kulturen (Flyer)

Berlin-Brandenburgische Akademie der Wissenschaften
Berlin, 13 March 2008

History Education and Historical Consciousness in Unified Germany
The International Conference of Political Unification and History Education
The Korean History Education Society
Seoul, Korea, 20-23 February 2008

Paper (Korean translation)



ドイツのメディア・学界が南京事件をどうみてきたか / Doitsu no media – gakkai ga Nankin jiken o do mite kita ka (How have German media and academia dealt with the Nanking incident?)
International Symposium “Nankin jiken 70shu-nen kokusai shinpojiumu” (70 Years Nanking Incident. International Symposium)
Meiji University, Tokyo
15-16 December 2007

国際関係の変容とナショナルアイデンティティ形成。アジア主義の創造、1880-1920 / Kokusai kankei no hen’yo to nashonaru aidentitii keisei. Ajiashugi no sozo, 1880-1920 (Changes in international relations and the formation of identity: the creation of Asianism, 1880-1920)
International Workshop “Kindai Higashi-Ajia no rekishi to aidentitii” (History and Identity in Modern East Asia)
Seoul National University, Korea
13-14 September 2007

アジア主義者のアジア認識 / Ajiashugisha no Ajia ninshiki (The Asia perception of Asianists)
6th Annual Conference of the Japan Society for Intercultural Studies (Nihon Kokusai Bunka Gakkai)
Panel “Development of and Changes in the Views of an Region in East Asia” (東アジア地域意識の展開と変容)
Meiyo University, Okinawa
13-14 July 2007 (cancelled due to a typhoon)

Panel Discussion
Article 9 of the Japanese Constitution and Japan’s Future
Aichi University Society for Artickle 9 (Aidai 9jo no kai)
Aichi University, 7 July 2007

Seminar on Asianism
Institute of Contemporary Japanese Studies (ICJS) of Temple University/Reischauer Center for East Asian Studies of Johns Hopkins University
Temple University Japan, 25 June 2007.

Men in Metal – Representations of the Nation in Public Space in Meiji Japan (1868-1912)
International Symposium
Constructing New Social Orders: Myths, Ceremonies and Visual Representations in Revolutionary Societies
Waseda University (in cooperation with Humboldt-University, Berlin and The University of Tokyo)
13 -15 April 2007



ドイツと日本における敗戦と解放の意味 / Doitsu to Nihon ni okeru haisen to kaiho no imi (The concepts “defeat” and “liberation” in postwar Germany and Japan). Symposium “End of War. “Defeat” and “Liberation” in Mass Media
Tokyo University, 2 December 2006

Power Point Presentation
Results of this conference have been published in a Japanese volume by Yamakawa Shuppansha, see under articles.

Panel Discussion: Neue Tendenzen des Nationalismus in Japan (Recent developments in nationalist discourse in Japan)
Deutsche Gesellschaft fur Natur- und Volkerkunde Ostasiens (OAG), Tokyo, 18 October 2006

Organized Panel “Heroes, Martyrs, Founders. Memorials for historical personalities in modern East Asia”
13th Convention of Japanese Studies in German-speaking Countries (“Japanologentag”), University of Bonn, 15 September 2006
SVEN SAALER: Colonial and postcolonial memory. Memorials for the founders of the Japanese colonial empire before and after 1945
EUN-JEUNG LEE: South Korea’s difficulties in facing its past. Discussions about the monument for the national hero Ahn Choong Kun
MARC ANDRE MATTEN: The Chinese national hero Yue Fei (1103-1142) and his veneration in the 20th century

Panel Discussion
Korea/Japan Group, Temple University Japan
The Politics of World War II History in Europe versus Asia with reference to the roles of civil society and public opinion, Temple University Japan, 5 April 2006.

Statuen und Personenkult im modernen Japan (Statues and Personality Cult in Modern Japan)
Deutsche Gesellschaft fur Natur- und Volkerkunde Ostasiens (OAG), Tokyo, 15 February 2006



歴史認識という概念の理論と現状 (“Historical Consciousness” in Theory and Practice).
National Museum of Japanese History, 18 December 2005.

Der Russisch-Japanische Krieg im Spiegel Internationaler Massenmedien (Vortrag zur Ausstellungseroffnung) (Exhibition Opening Presentation: The Russo-Japanese War in Early European Mass Media).
German East Asiatic Society (OAG), 5 December 2005.
Presentation (PowerPoint)

ヨーロッパと東アジアにおける歴史認識と和解 (Historical Consciousness and Reconciliation in Europe and East Asia).
The University of Tokyo, 5 November 2005.

History Textbooks in Postwar German and Japanese Education.
International Symposium “Germany and Japan 60 Years After the War“, Tokyo Geijutsu Gekijo, 29 October 2005.
Paper (English, PDF)
Paper (Japanese, PDF)


Differences and Similarities in Japanese and German History Education

Inaugural Symposium of the Textbook History that Opens the Future (Mirai o hiraku rekishi), 29 May 2005.

Men in Metal – A Topography of Japanese Public Statuary in Bronze
History&Humanities Study Group, German Institute for Japanese Studies (DIJ), Tokyo, 30 March 2005.



Politik, Erinnerung und Geschichtsbewusstsein in Japan (Politics, Memory and Public Opinion in Japan).
5th symposium “Asiatische Selbstbehauptungsdiskurse” in Shanghai, 12-15 December 2004

Takeuchi Yoshimi, Asianism and international relations. What can philosophers tell us about politics?
International Symposium “Takeuchi Yoshimi – Thinker of a Different Modernity in East Asia?”, Ruprecht-Karls-Universitat Heidelberg, 7-10 September 2004.
program: http://www.dijtokyo.org/?page=event_detail.php&p_id=368
paper (PDF file)

Pan-Asian Societies in Japanese Foreign Relations: Uchida Ryohei and the Kokuryukai.
Annual Meeting of the Association for Asian Studies (AAS), San Diego, 4-7 March 2004.



Pan-Asianism in Late Meiji and Taisho Japan: Kodera Kenkichi and His View of International Relations.
3rd International Convention of Asia Scholars (ICAS 3) in Singapore (Panel 173: “Regionalism East and West: Considering Pan-Asianism in Modern Japanese History and Politics”), 19-22 August 2003.

日韓関係における歴史問題 (The history problem in Korean-Japanese relations).
Dai2kai Nikkan genronjin wakushoppu: Nikkan no sogo ninshiki ni okeru masudedia no yoin to sono eikyo (Second workshop on Japanese and Korean media: The influence of mass media on the mutual perception in Japan and Korea) hosted by the Korean University of Foreign Studies in the Japan Foundations’ Seoul Center, 12 October 2003
Paper (Korean translation)

大正デモクラシーにおける日本の政軍関係 (Civil-Military Relations in Taisho Japan).
37th Symposium of the Tokyo Rekishi Kagaku Kenkyukai, Waseda University, Tokyo, 19 April 2003

“History” in Korean-Japanese relations.
International Symposium “East Asia and Europe: Coming to terms with the past and international relations”, German Federal Agency for Civic Education, Bruhl, 8 April 2003.



New Developments in the Recent Japanese History Textbook Debate.
12th Convention of Japanese Studies in German-speaking Countries (“Japanologentag”), University of Bonn, 30 September-3 October 2002.

Implications of the Recent Japanese History Textbook Debate for Japanese-Korean Relations.
Japan and Korea. International Symposium hosted by the German Federal Agency for Civic Education, the Japanese Cultural Institute Cologne and the German Institute for Japanese Studies, Bruhl, 25-28 September 2002.
Conference Report

Empire in flux: the Siberian Intervention and Japanese Colonial Empire after World War I.
6th Asian Studies Conference Japan (ASCJ), Sophia University, Tokyo, 22 June 2002.



Pan-Asianismus im Japan der Meiji- und Taisho-Zeit: Wurzeln, Entstehung und Anwendung einer Ideologie (Pan-Asianism in Meiji and Taisho Japan).
2nd symposium “Asiatische Selbstbehauptungsdiskurse” in Seoul, 16 November 2001.
Conference Report

「ドイツ東漸論」-岐路に立つ日本外交と第一次世界大戦 (The “German advance to the East” – Japan’s foreign policy at a crossroads during World War I).
7th symposium of the Association for Japan Sea Rim Studies, Toyama, 11 November 2001.


Background and Results of the Textbook Selection Process.

DIJ History & Humanities Workshop “Making History – The Quest for National Identity through History Education, German Institute for Japanese Studies (DIJ), Tokyo, 21 September 2001.

“Pan-Asianism” – a Preliminary Approach.
2nd International Convention of Asia Scholars (ICAS 2) in Berlin (Panel 053: “Discourses of Cultural Uniqueness in Japan, China and Korea”), 10 August 2001.

The ’German Peril’: German POWs in Siberia, 1917-18.
5th Asian Studies Conference Japan
(ASCJ), Sophia University, Tokyo, 24 June 2001.

Military and Politics in Modern Japan: The Imperial Army during the Meiji and Taisho Eras.
History&Humanities Study Group, German Institute for Japanese Studies (DIJ), Tokyo, 14 March 2001.



大正バブル経済とシベリア出兵 - 不況対策としての海外進出 (The bubble economy of the Taisho era and the Siberian Intervention: territorial expansion as a measure against economic recession)
4th symposium of the Association for Japan Sea Rim Studies, Akita, 31 October 1998.

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