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  • Nippon in the World: historical pictures and photos from Edo and Osaka
  • Old Tokyo: historical pictures of Tokyo in the late 19th and early 20th century



  • MIT Visualizing Cultures: John Dower’s page with essays exploring woodblock prints depicting the arrival of Commodore Perry’s Black Ships in Japan 1853/54, the history of Yokohama Treaty Port 1859-72, Japanese Westernization (1870s), woodblock prints and historical postcards from the Sino-Japanese and the Russo-Japanese Wars (1894/95 and 1904/05) as well as Felice Beato’s photographys of early Meiji Japan (1860s).
  • Japan on historical picture postcards
  • My own collection of historical postcards
  • Japanese currency – photos of Japanese coins and bills from premodern times to the modern period
  • Ohara Institute for Social Research of Hosei University – Exhibition of Election Posters of Prewar Japan, mainly from the left side of the political spectrum



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