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Links to historical museums relating to modern Japanese history, links to peace museums and war memorials in Japan


Links to museums relating to the history of the Meiji Restoration of 1868

Links to museums related to premodern Japanese history or local history

(in virtually every Japanese city is a small local history museum, here you will find only those  which are of national significance. See Yahoo Japan or this page for more complete lists of history museums in Japan)

Links to major historical museums and memorials in Germany


  • Prof. Minami’s page of historical monuments and memorials in Germany: National Memorials, Concentration Camp Memorials, Memorials for Resistance Movement in Nazi Germany, etc. Almost complete list of German memorials including their background, significance and history.
  • German Historical Museum Berlin (DHM), official homepage
  • German Historical Museum Berlin (DHM), Virtual Museum (LEMO), includes a large number of sources, photographs, multimedia elements
  • Haus der Geschichte – History of German Postwar History
  • (Western) European Project “Paths of Memory” – Les Chemins de la Memoire, initiated by  six major historical museums in Britain, Spain, France, Italy, Belgium, and Germany.


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